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Our Mission

As a gelato company based in Louisville, we want to be able to serve the best gelato to the best city!

Our Story

I guess that you could say that my deep dive into gelato started one hot summer when I decided to make some ice cream in my at-home cuisinart. After following a simple recipe for some chocolate ice cream I was stunned with the results! Not only was it delicious but is was creamy, rich, and delectable.

Fast forward two years, when my father approached me with the idea of making an Italian ice cream called gelato. He proposed the idea of making it into a business, and although I was excited for the opportunity, at the time I felt like I would rather enjoy my childhood than take on a business. I knew it would take more work than I could even imagine taking on, so after declining the offer, I continued to make homemade ice cream and enjoy summer. A couple of hot and humid summers went by, and in the winter  So, after a long flight we arrived in Bologna, Italy and prepared to take a gelato making class to learn the craft of authentic gelato making. I expected the class to be full of tasting gelato, coming up with flavors, and learning recipes. I did not, however, expect the class to be full of balancing ingredients, science, and learning about the anti-freezing powers of sugar!

The class was very intriguing and I learned a lot about how to make gelato my own craft. They taught me how to provide an authentic gelato that is creamy, smooth, and perfectly rich. After returning home from our gelato making adventure I was ready to produce the finest gelato possible! However, there are many other working parts that go into a gelato business. Things like investments, website design, product costs, ordering, and so much more are needed to make this business succeed. I am so excited to be able to learn all of these things about a business and to be able to implement them into my own creation. Creating a business is important to me so that I can serve others, further my education, and be able to make others happy through my favorite dessert, gelato! I am also looking forward to the opportunity to pay for my future college education through my gelato business! Gelato is not only something that brings me joy to create, but something that can provide me with the chance to bring joy into the lives of others as well

Megan Edwards

Gelato Creator

Loves the art of making gelato and making people happy one scoop at a time!

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